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Color Meaning & Symbolism

Color Meanings – Learn all about Colors and Symbolism

Color Meanings & Symbolism Color Wheel 700x500

When you’ve been helping people decorate their home, work, school, and sacred spaces for as long as we have, you get asked tons of questions about decorating tips and ideas.

The #1 home decorating question? Colors!

Sure, folks want to know if “this” shade of blue will match “that” shade of brown. But what they’re really asking about is color symbolism and meanings.

Wait. Don’t people know “why” they’re asking about colors?

Not always.

Not everyone is aware that there’s a whole science dedicated to “color psychology”.

The psychology of color is all about how colors affect human behavior.

For instance, the color red is a hue we are often asked about. Folks might have “read” that the color red symbolizes anger but are still emotionally drawn to a deep crimson that they just “know” would be gorgeous in the family room! When customers ask for our opinion, we say this about the color red;

“Different shades of red symbolizes and stimulates different feelings and emotions. However, at the end of the day, red is the color of fire and blood. And, so, red’s color meanings are based in passion and love. Which, of course, makes it the perfect color for a family room! – The Simple Stencil”

Why color meanings & symbolism are so deeply personal

Oooo, this is a deep one.

Yet, it’s important to understand why colors affect our emotions and moods. Once a color is chosen for your (in this case) vinyl wall decals & lettering, it’s going to be in your awareness for a long time to come.

That said, we have many customers who switch out their wall words several times per year depending on the season, celebration, and mood!

The thing about color meanings is, it can change over time. Colors psychology has a great deal to do with our personal experience.

What colors do you associate with happy or sad events in your life? Where were you born? Western culture generally associates the color white with purity, innocence, and the divine. But, to many Eastern European cultures white is a symbol of mourning.

Once you know the in-depth symbolism and meanings of colors, the wall & window stencils which adorn your home, office, and sacred spaces become far more meaningful.

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