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Blue Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Blue

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And the winner is…BLUE!

Studies on various colors indicate that over half the world’s people cite Blue as their favorite color.

Earth is the Blue planet. Our skies our Blue, our water is Blue – so it’s no wonder that Blue symbolism and meaning is prevalent in all world cultures.

The color Blue supports peacefulness and calm.

In fact, Blue surroundings are often advised to help with meditation. The only caution with Blue is that very dark tones may impact the mind negatively, particularly people prone to depression.

In the psychology of color, Blue is the hue of dependability, safety, tranquility, and self-reliance. People struggling with stress would do well to bring light Blue into their environment (or better still, go out and just enjoy the sky).

Blue is an excellent personal color for those who give speeches or teach regularly as it is the color of expressiveness.

In religious practices Blue represents personal devotion and focused study.

Positive keynotes for Blue include harmony, confidence, honor, idealism, wisdom, honesty and unity. Challenging aspects of Blue’s psychology includes sadness, struggle with change, over-thinking, living in the past, and sickness.

If you are attracted to Blue you likely are a peace-loving person. Practicality, idealism and faithfulness are your middle names.

Most “Blue people” love nostalgia but this sometimes leads to mournfulness.

Blue people hold honesty in high respect.

Those who dislike Blue are usually very grounded in reality and prone to working very hard in life. They don’t like to talk a lot, and dislike chaos. These people have on clear Path in life from which they rarely veer.

Blue symbolism and meaning is rooted in new beginnings, upbeat outlooks, and loyalty.

Think of the phrase “Blue skies” ahead. Nearly universally Blue means that something better is on the horizon. Perhaps this is why the predominant color in the United Nations flag is Blue!

Other symbolic meanings of Blue include royalty (Blue blood ), rarity (once in a Blue moon), sadness (having a case of the Blues), unexpected change (out of the Blue), faithfulness (true Blue), and quality (Blue ribbon).

Blue Facts and Fancy

  • The ancient Egyptians were the only early culture with a word for Blue (because they were the ones that had the correct components for Blue dye)
  • Romans and Greeks associated this color with various gods including Jupiter and Mercury
  • Catholicism ties the color Blue to the Mother Mary
  • Interior designers often choose Blue for bedrooms for those who have sleep disorders
  • Public servants in Rome wore Blue to distinguish them in a crowd
  • Blue toothbrushes outsell other colors

The color Blue brings peace, love, and harmony to your home, office, school, and sacred spaces. At The Simple Stencil, your vinyl wall lettering and wall quotes can be ordered in many different colors! We have a wide variety of hues to choose from.

Because color is a deeply personal choice, we hope you find value in reading all about the psychology and meanings of all your favorite colors!

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