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Over the years folks have asked us so many questions about colors, fonts, symbols and meanings, etc. we thought it would be helpful to others if we answered those design and decor questions here on our blog!

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Color Meaning & Symbolism

When you’ve been helping people decorate their home, work, school, and sacred spaces for as long as we have, you get asked tons of questions […]

Blue Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Blue

And the winner is…BLUE!

Studies on various colors indicate that over half the world’s people cite Blue as their favorite color.

Earth is the Blue planet. […]

Yellow Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Yellow

There is really nothing mellow about the color Yellow!

Yellow is a very upbeat hue that inspires hope, clear mindedness, and overall cheerfulness. It is an […]

Purple Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Purple

All bow to the rich and royal color Purple!

Purple is the color of leadership. It’s natural to react to someone wearing Purple differently than […]

Orange Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Orange

The delicious color Orange! With its color meaning and symbolism tied to the sun, Orange radiates happiness and energy, the harvest, and zeal!

In heraldry, […]

Green Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Green

Gorgeous, gracious green!

Throughout nature Green tints invite and tantalize us, being the color of growth and renewal. Overall people find Green a very relaxing […]

Red Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Red

Red! It’s the color that gets our hearts racing! Va va vroom!

Most folks know Red symbolism and meaning is about excitement, passion, and desire.

But […]

Brown Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Brown

If you’ve been searching for Brown symbolism and meaning on the Internet, chances are you’ve found that there’s very little info out there and all […]

Gray (Grey) Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Gray (Grey)

Poor Color Gray. It gets a really bad rap.

First of all, hardly anyone is ever really sure if the color is spelled “gray” or […]

White Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color White

Ah, the color white. Timeless, classic, and elegant, the color white helps our mind, body, and spirit in ways no other color can.

Long associated with […]