Let Your Gratitude Show

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Let Your Gratitude Show

What was your Granny’s favorite saying? Did your Mom say the same thing to you every time you left for school? What is the saying that starts the day in your home?

When we fondly remember people or events that brought us knowledge, or laughter, or maybe even motivation, we are showing respect and gratitude for their presence in our lives. 


Every time you walk by that image of Granny with her saying “If you’re cold, put a sweater on; if you’re bored, go for a walk.” surrounding her image, that little part in your heart where she still lives will glow for just a minute. 

It might help you be more patient with the kids, or himself, or even your own self. It might make you smile, or even laugh out loud. And wouldn’t she be happy to be remembered and honored this way.

Wall stencils don’t always have to be motivational or inspirational. They can make us laugh, or stop in a quite moment, or be a reminder of a notable time or place in our lives. It could be a reminder of where we came from, where we are going, and who is traveling with us. 

As the season of gratitude for all that we have approaches, perhaps it’s time to immortalize your family’s favorite reminder of what makes you grateful.

Simple Stencils has hundreds of pre-designed stencils for you to customize and use in your own home or office. But if you can’t find just the right one, we will design one for you. Immortalize Granny’s saying. Remind the kids to close the door. Or say welcome in your first language.











Choose the stencil’s size to fit the space it will occupy.

-A wall stencil between the cabinets and counter surface needs to be large enough to be readable from across the room.

-A full wall stencil should be small enough it can be read from fairly near.

– A stencil in a hallway should be readable at a glance; over a doorway or an island it’s OK to have it a bit larger —  people will stop and read.

Simple Stencils are easy to apply to firm and relatively smooth surfaces such as a wall, window, door or mirror.


(This from Jane, the September Wall of Fame Winner)

Think of the possibilities of creating an inset for a picture frame with an image and a surrounding personalized stencil.  And changing that inset with the seasons.  Use it as the center of a gallery wall and surround it with pictures or mementos which support the stencil’s sentiment.

Our stencils are easy to remove, too, so you can change them with the seasons. And because you can have your own, personalized stencil created just for you, your wall decor can be truly reflective of the exceptional family you are. Get started today designing your own gorgeous wall decal at www.TheSimpleStencil.com or Contact us for a free custom wall design tailored to suit your style and personality perfectly.

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