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Peel & Stick Polka Dots | Confetti Wall Decals

Polka dots wall decals by The Simple Stencil help you makeover a child’s room, create a fun school display or even decorate for a party or event. You simply just peel and stick, they are super easy to work with which makes it a fun project for the kid’s! Because they are removable they work beautifully to decorate for a party, a school classroom, a wedding dance floor, etc.  Just take a look at the creative ways some of our Simple Stencil customers have found to add polka dot’s to their life…

Confetti Style Polka Dots  – Wall & Window Decals

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Remember as a child the fun of hole-punching and all those little circles and then throwing them like confetti into the air? Those days are not lost, now you can have your own confetti style wall display with beautifully colored polka dot wall decals. Simple Stencil wall art decals come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can create a confetti wall wherever you like. In your child’s room, a play room, a classroom wall or display area, a baby’s nursery, a pediatrician’s waiting or exam room, or anywhere you want to easily add some bright colorful fun to a room that is easy and affordable. Bright or metallic vinyl colors work great in a teenage girl’s room or even on her bathroom mirror.



Polka dot’s are a wonderful way to add a room border to break up two colors in a child’s room or playroom. Adding easy to install circles right along the paint line where the two colors come together can easily hide the imperfections. We all know how difficult it can be to paint a perfectly straight line (which is why chair rails help this dilemma). But if you want a fun style in a room without chair rails, try the polka dot border and make your child’s room or baby’s nursery look like it’s right out of a magazine at a fraction of the cost.

Polka dot’s have always been a popular kid’s themed decoration which makes it an easy choice. We also offer many other polka themed designs that can be added to complete a polka dot or confetti themed room, party or wall display.


Our polka dot packs make it easy to add a variety of polka dots in various colors and sizes. We sell our polka dots in convenient sized packs for creating large wall displays or in single larger polka dots for other creative dot projects. Just click here to find all of our polka dot themed vinyl wall and window decals from The Simple Stencil!


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