Have Your Eyes Gone Nose-Blind?

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Have Your Eyes Gone Nose-Blind?

Although you don’t mean to, how many times do you just not hear the store clerk say, “Have a Nice Day!”?  Or how often do you push on the pull part of the door, even though “PULL”  is clearly marked? And, honestly, how many of us have almost driven the wrong way on a one-way street even though there is a HUGE arrow pointing at you?


If we see the same thing too frequently, we stop ‘seeing’ it —  like the vignette of items on a coffee table we once thought very cleverly put together, or a motivational poster which once got us up and moving. How long before we stop seeing thing? It’s different for all people, and there aren’t any formula’s for calculating the time. But it happens.

Clothing store managers rearrange things to keep the store looking fresh, to keep the interest of the shoppers. Grocery stores change the displays at the end of the isles; book stores show the current books on the tables near the doors.  It’s how they keep their customers and clients engaged.

Share-your-gratitude-this-thanksgiving-holiday-season-with-a-custom-wall-decal-from-The-Simple-StencilIf you have motivational wall art, you probably spent a fair bit of time choosing just the right words, in just the right font and color. You looked until you found the art which verbalized a feeling, a sentiment, a few words of inspiration for your family or the perfect motivational mantra for your students.

And the wall art commanded attention and comments for quite awhile. But eventually it started to blend into the surroundings, and the power of the words faded. Not the fault of the wall art and it’s not your fault, either.

The fix for this problem is so simple. If you want to keep the momentum of the sentiment of your wall art, change it with a new piece of art. BEFORE the older piece becomes transparent. Use another saying or collection of words which inspire or motivate in the same way. After a while out of sight, the old art will be new again, and its impact will return.

Prepare your wall art onto a movable surface like a mirror, or painted wood, or heavy card stock. Use a good picture frame and change the wall art frequently. Use painters stretched canvases,  which you can paint any color, and create a series.  Vinyl-Wall-Decals-For-Old-Windows-Design-Your-Own-At-The-Simple-Stencil

 Not only will changing the art keep the intended motivation or inspiration alive, but there will also be the added anticipation of “what’s next?”  Perhaps use the same art but vary the font or color. The change will keep it fresh.

The Simple Stencil has hundreds of pre-designed pieces; if you can’t find the one which gives word to what you need to say, go to the self-design section and let our designers make your words into one-of-a-kind wall art. You can send us your custom request here for a free sketch and price quote.


All the images used here are Simple Stencils reflecting Gratitude and in today’s world, gratitude is certainly something we don’t want to forget. Let our Simple Stencil products help to remind us day in and day out, of the countless ways we have to be thankful.   Browse more wall art ideas that relate to thanksgiving and gratitude or design your own words of gratitude to display on your walls in our easy to use Online Design Center.

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