Gratitude…a way to a better life.

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Gratitude…a way to a better life.

Do you keep a gratitude journal? MaybGratitude-Definition-Vinyl-Wall-Decal-Art-Stencils-For-Thanksgiving-Decore it’s something you’ve thought about doing, and something you think might be good for the kids, too. We know it’s good to remind ourselves of all that we have to be grateful for. But did you know there are real, measurable benefits to feelings of gratitude?  

The power of gratitude may surprise you. Would you like to see a list of 28 benefits of gratitude?  This is a wonderful article.

Showing gratitude daily can improve our physical and psychological health. It helps us be more empathetic, which decreases our feelings of hostility to others, to the unknown or misunderstood.  We sleep better and will feel better about ourselves — which leads to a more trauma-resilient self.  We get a better perspective on what is important in our own lives, and it follows we learn what is not important. That’s a lot of benefit from the simple act of being grateful.

Wall stencils are an easy way to keep these touchstone words close to the surface. Did you know  The Simple Stencil will create a stencil of just the words YOU want to use? Or you may find the perfect one from our ready-made designs.

what-i-love-most-about-my-home-is-who-i-share-it-with-Vinyl-Wall-Quote-Decal-expressing-the-love-and-gratitude-you-have-for-your-familyGratitude is also known as gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation, recognition, indebtedness or acknowledgment. There we have seven words which we can use to inspire us and our families toward a grateful life — and help us reap the benefits. 

One word for each day of the week. Perhaps you could have each word applied to an image in a picture frame. Seven frames which get changed daily; hang it beside the kitchen door as a gentle reminder of the day’s “gratitude plan.”

Why not make October the time your family chooses the words which best describe your gratitude?

Try this: every day at dinner have your family talk about how gratitude appeared in their day.  Keep track of the words they use; these could be the words you put in your gratitude stencil.


Sharing these moments help us remember when our hearts opened. It’s good to talk about how we felt in that flash of understanding, or empathy, or appreciation. We are, after all, in this together.

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