Redefining Motivational Posters

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Redefining Motivational Posters

Wall decals, a new way to motivate students!

It’s no secret that inspirational posters featuring encouraging words and graphics are an essential part of classroom décor. What’s less well known is that more teachers are trading in their school posters for modern, vinyl wall decals that both serve to motivate students and to add a creative flair to your classroom.

The decals from The Simple Stencil offer many advantages over posters, since they are more durable and less likely to be damaged by children. They also give the appearance of being professionally painted on the walls but can be fully removed without damaging walls or underlying surfaces. What’s more, decals featuring uplifting words, quotes and graphics are not only decorative, but they also enhance the classroom environment and can be incorporated into lessons to engage students.

Display Rules, Motivate and Help Students Feel Valued with Wall Decals

Decals featuring positive words and graphics are great tools for brightening up a learning environment and making it a more welcoming, visually interesting place. It is well known among researchers that unattractive rooms in both schools and offices are depressing, uninspiring, and many children and adults feel the need to escape from such an environment as soon as possible. Colorful artwork and classroom decals are a way to make the classroom a more visually interesting, pleasing environment that is conducive to feelings of positivity. Seeing encouraging words can also be helpful for students who are having difficulty in school and can help to promote a safe classroom environment. If a teacher sees a student is struggling, he or she can provide support for the student in a way that is productive and non-judgmental, reinforcing the reassuring messages displayed in the classroom.



Inspiring words and graphics can also be incorporated into classes to further engage students. The educational value of decals and posters is often overlooked, and they are sometimes seen as decorations or part of the scenery. But in reality, there are many strategies teachers can use to effectively include these visual aids in lessons. They can be used to teach scientific concepts, grammar rules, essential foreign language phrases and just about any other relevant content to the lesson at hand. With only a few simple modifications, teachers can greatly increase the effectiveness of existing artwork in motivating students.

Create your own wall decal to support your classroom curriculum.

To effectively include these decals in a lesson, it is important that they are large enough for students to see easily and that any images are bright and memorable. The decals can be changed to correspond to the unit being taught so that they are relevant to the subject being studied. For example, inspiring quotes from famous authors can adorn an English classroom or encouraging idioms and cartoons can be used in a foreign language classroom. The teacher can actively include these quotes in a lesson, asking students to discuss the meaning of the words and what they mean to the student. In this way the students have the opportunity to focus on the words themselves and to really internalize the hopeful messages that are being conveyed.


Classroom Projects utilizing Simple Stencil Wall Art

Arts integration is a popular method for boosting students’ learning, and this approach can be applied to creating inspirational decals as well. Utilizing art to facilitate education promotes creativity, problem-solving and innovation, and including students in designing these wall decals can be used in the same way.


Consider a class project where students are assigned to create a motivating wall decal using favorite quotes or pictures. The students come up with a list of possible phrases and images that they turn to when they are feeling down and choose their favorite ones to create a unique wall decal image. The images can then be turned into decals using The Simple Stencil’s “Design Your Own” option, which can be purchased for classroom use. Including the students in the design process and allowing them to use their own personal favorite quotes can help them to be more invested in the task and the finished product. At the end of the project, the students can share their design with the class and the decals can be displayed in the classroom.

Discourage bullying with wall decals that promote kindness.

Uplifting phrases, words and decals are an effective way to decorate a classroom, create a warm and welcoming environment and to inspire students. While encouraging words, phrases and icons are often regarded as simply decorations, teachers have many options for incorporating them into various lessons. They can be used as part of an integrative arts project with students as the designers or to communicate important messages about perseverance, self-esteem and cooperation. These wall decals are a newer take on the classic motivational posters and offer even greater possibilities for inclusion in the curriculum. And most importantly, they are valuable tools in helping teachers establish a supportive and caring classroom environment in which students of all different backgrounds and ability levels can thrive.




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