Flamingo Wall Art – Tropical Paradise Pop Art

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Flamingo Wall Art – Tropical Paradise Pop Art

Flock of flamingos wall and window decals from The Simple Stencil

A set of flamingos wall art in your choice of up to three tropical colors is an easy way to decorate a bathroom to add some style and personality. Great for renters!

Pink plastic flamingos were designed in 1957 by Don Featherstone and soon became a pop culture icon.  Simple Stencil’s home offices are located in Florida so we can’t drive 2 miles without finding at least one lawn still adorning the plastic tropical foul.  Has there ever been a bird so loved and dispised at the same time?  The Museum of Bad Art (and others) boycotted the Flamingo lawn ornament. While the city of Madison, Wisconsin’s Common Council designated the plastic flamingo as the city’s official bird.

It’s true the Plastic pink flamingo can be a sore sight in a natural tropical paradise like Florida, Simple Stencil’s home state. However it has come to represent more than just pop culture or bad art to some folks who still use them. It can also represent a statement of individuality and objection to neighborhood homeowner association (HOA) rules and regulations. Most HOA’s tell it’s homeowners what they can or cannot do to their lawn. So those homeowners who object to communities with homeowners association rules use plastic pink flamingos to make a statement. Annoy or amuse the neighbors and neighborhood associations in style! Pink Flamingos represent they are free to do as they wish on their lawns, no matter how tacky it may be!

Pink Flamingo Wall Decals Aren't Just For Walls!

Dress up your mailbox with a set of pink flamingo decals, stickers and stencils

An HOA’s worst Nightmare Story of Pink Flamingo’s Comes True!

What if you are a homeowner in one of these neighborhoods, fed up with the rules?! A traditional plastic pink flamingo is sure to get some attention, and possibly some high dollar fines.

Simple Stencil vinyl plastic flamingo decals were created for one such customer. A lady who wanted to make a statement of individuality.  She objected to the HOA rules that she felt were out of hand. Due to the wording in her HOA rules, vinyl plastic flamingo decals did so without risking a fine. She placed flamingos on her mailbox as well as her glass front door to got her point across. We aren’t sure what the outcome will be for her and if she will be able to get the HOA to listen to her plea for less regulations. Her plight was not wanting to spray pesticides on the lawn her children played in so we hope she wins! We can tell you they actually look pretty cool, surely got attention and noted her individuality among the neighborhood as a non-conformist.

Flamingo Pop Wall Art & Decals

Simple Stencil flamingos are a fun easy way to dress up a boring bathroom!


Create a tropical Paradise the easy way!

There are many customers who absolutely love Pink Flamingo Wall Art. Perhaps it’s a love for the Tropical Paradise style associated with Miami. Either way, Simple Stencil Flamingos wall art decals are a great way to decorate! They are especially popular in bathrooms, children’s rooms, and beach themed rooms. Because they are custom made to order, they can be designed in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any decor.

Having a beach themed party, luau or beach wedding? Use pink vinyl flamingos to create beautiful party decorations for walls, windows, dance floors, signs, etc. Like all Simple Stencil wall art, flamingo decals are easy to apply and look painted on. The best part is they are removable when the time comes without damage to underlying surfaces. So, weather a customer wants to make a statement or create a tropical paradise, Flamingo wall art is sure to add a little “POP” to any decor!

Flamingo Wall Art Decals

Create a tropical paradise in a beach themed room, beach house or anywhere you want a little Miami!

Flamingo Pop Art For Walls

A fun way to dress up a child’s room or playroom.

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