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Peace is found within … and on walls

Peace is found within … and on walls

"There is no way to peace, peace is the way" - Ghandi, Peace & Buddhist Quotes for Walls

Are you a Buddhist or love Buddhism philosophy and teachings? Do you have a meditation space or studio? A Buddha or Ghandi quote adorning your walls and windows would add wonderful energy to a home, office and all your sacred spaces.

Choose your own fonts & colors! Create custom vinyl wall lettering in our one-of-a-kind design center!

As we often say, all world cultures and faiths are honored at The Simple Stencil. Belief paradigms are deeply personal and we love doing what we can to support folks on their individual path.

Since words are a huge part of spiritual teachings, wall quotes and sayings that spotlight wisdom are among our most favorite stencils to create.

See, when folks order a vinyl transfer that’s faith based we usually get to hear their “story”.

In the Buddhist tradition, these stories include the fulfillment of someone’s dream in opening a yoga or meditation studio.

The story might be about a peace stencil being put up at a going away party being given for someone who has joined the Peace Corps.

Maybe the story is about a college student who’s embarked on a spiritual quest and Buddhism is a stop along their way.

We LOVE hearing these fascinating tales of lives well traveled and are honored to know The Simple Stencil plays a part in their soul’s journey.

Buddhist & Peace Vinyl Design Ideas

At its core, Buddhism seeks to bring those who follow its path to an understanding of true reality. In fact, the word Buddhism originates from the word “budhi” which means “to awaken”.

Here are some of our favorite designs in this loving tradition…

"Peace, love & joy to all who enter here" - Spiritual Custom Vinyl Wall Transfer

Namaste - Buddhist Wall Decor Quote

"Health is the greatest gift..." - Buddha Quotes for Walls

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha Wall Decals & Lettering

“The vinyl wall quote lover in us, honors the vinyl wall quote lover in you.” – The Simple Stencil

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