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Purple Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Purple

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All bow to the rich and royal color Purple!

Purple is the color of leadership. It’s natural to react to someone wearing Purple differently than you anticipate, perhaps with more respect. Wearing Purple boosts self-assurance.

Purple is a blend of Red and Blue, and, as such, has both hot and cold qualities that affect its symbolism and psychology. Throughout history people have associated Purple with opulence, authority and royalty as well as a sense of mystery and harmony.

We know that color has distinct impacts on both the conscious and subconscious mind. Purple supports inventiveness. The only caution seems to be that too much Purple in your environment can undermine that creative flair with glumness.

Studies of Purple’s ‘color psychology’ reveal that deep thinkers, like philosophers, often find themselves attracted to this color.

When life becomes overwhelming a burst of Purple often calms and frees the imagination. Lie in a field of Purple flowers and dare to dream!

Students of psychology tell us that Purple is a harmonious color that improves mind-heart balance as well as action and thought. Perhaps this is why it’s a common color used among practitioners of meditation.

Positive symbolism for Purple include spirituality, abundance, sagacity, riches, romance and dignity. Challenging aspects of Purple are cynicism, arrogance, unrealistic outlooks and a tendency for hyperbole.

If you are attracted to Purple you possess some likely characteristics including sensitivity, idealism, creativity and compassion.

“Purple people” tend to feel things very deeply. Others find your peaceful air very attractive along with natural charisma.

Those with an aversion to Purple tend to be rather stoic and very grounded in reality. Thinking outside the box is not this person’s cup of tea.

In the rainbow, Purple is the strongest color. Like most colors, Purple meaning and symbolism has evolved over the eras.

Purple is a rare color to find in nature so using it for dyes was laborious and costly. Thus, the reason Purple was tied to noble, wealthy classes.

In various traditions and cultures people associate Purple with the spiritual or supernatural world.

Lighter tones in art represent relaxed feelings and a hint of playfulness, while darker shades are serious and thoughtful.

Purple Facts and Fancy

  • In Mediterranean regions only emperors or the Pope could wear Purple
  • Italy and Brazil both use Purple in funeral rites
  • Americans use a Purple Heart to recognize bravery
  • In Italy it was considered bad luck to take the stage wearing anything Purple

The color Purple is an elegant, rich color to have in your home, office, school, and sacred spaces. At The Simple Stencil, your vinyl wall lettering and wall quotes can be ordered in many different colors! We have a wide variety of hues to choose from.

Because color is a deeply personal choice, we hope you find value in reading all about the psychology and meanings of all your favorite colors!

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