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Orange Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Orange

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The delicious color Orange! With its color meaning and symbolism tied to the sun, Orange radiates happiness and energy, the harvest, and zeal!

In heraldry, Orange represents determination and strength. Negatively, Orange may convey superficiality, tactlessness or showiness.

Overall the color Orange is warm and welcoming – it is not quite as forceful as Yellow, nor as belligerent as Red.

The color psychology of Orange tells us that it supports happiness and an upbeat demeanor. When you are struggling with trying times, having Orange around can improve your outlook and ease grief.

During difficult times Orange can provide renewed optimism and positive thoughts. If Orange had a tag line it would read: “Look on the bright side”!

The color Orange helps create an adventurous spirit and a sense of independence. People drawn to this color have natural enthusiasm and love being in the spot light. They also have stimulating communication skills and a love of socialization.

Positive Keynotes for the color Orange include joy, symmetry, zeal, light-heartedness, and self-confidence.
Challenging attributes include pessimism, aggressiveness, arrogance and superficiality.

Nature is replete with the color Orange ranging from glints in a bonfire, various vegetable and, of course, Oranges!

Forbes magazine researched the way consumers reacted to the color Orange. They discovered that Orange goods were thought of as being a good buy for the dollar. Darker hues of Orange feel grounded and comfortable. Light hues seem to calm.

Orange represents good health, the season of autumn and also protection (as Orange warning cones on the highway)

Orange Facts and Fancy

  • Hindus consider Orange a sacred color
  • Brazil grows 1/3 of the world’s Oranges
  • In Feng Shui Orange represents the element of fire
  • The Bible ties the color Orange to the saints

The color Orange is a vibrant color to have in your home, office, school, and sacred spaces. At The Simple Stencil, your vinyl wall lettering and wall quotes can be ordered in many different colors! We have a wide variety of hues to choose from.

Because color is a deeply personal choice, we hope you find value in reading all about the psychology and meanings of all your favorite colors!

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