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Green Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Green

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Gorgeous, gracious green!

Throughout nature Green tints invite and tantalize us, being the color of growth and renewal. Overall people find Green a very relaxing hue that seems to offer balance and reassurance amidst the chaos of concrete jungles.

From a psychological perspective, the color Green balances emotions with logic. Being in a Green room or around Green, growing things supports energy renewal. If you are feeling saggy, slow, stressed or spent try adding Green wall or window decals to your space!

Green also facilitates nurturing and feelings of love between people. Bring Green elements into your decorating scheme when you find people are on edge and bickering for a little relief.

Green comes from the combination of Yellow and Blue. The Yellow aspect inspires positive outlooks and clarifies jumbled thoughts while Blue spurs hope and kindness. Wrapped together, Green helps our ability to judge fairly – seeing both sides. The only difficulty is that this sometimes leads to procrastination and over-thinking.

Positive keynotes for Green include persistence, foundations, revitalization, wealth and material abundance. Negative psychological influences include greed and jealousy.

People attracted to the color Green often bear certain characteristics including quick-wittedness, a youthful outlook, natural money sense, sincerity and overall harmony. Many people feel that Green is a fortunate color.

Studies show Green impacts the pituitary gland, leading to a sense of relaxation. The color Green also may improve one’s ability to focus, create and de-stress.

Throughout the world, the color Green symbolizes nature and the season of spring. It is also connected with forward movement (the green light) and prosperity (green backs).

Green Facts and Fancy

  • The Japanese consider Green the color of longevity
  • In China Green jade represents honor and beauty
  • In parts of Scotland wearing Green was a sign of integrity
  • Some religions regard Green as the color of resurrection.
  • Ancient Greeks associated Green with love
  • George Washington favored the color Green
  • In the 1400s brides often wore Green gowns for fertility
  • Egyptians used Green hues as symbolizing hope

The color Green is a soothing and “healing” color to have in your home, office, school, and sacred spaces. At The Simple Stencil, your vinyl wall lettering and wall quotes can be ordered in many different colors! We have a wide variety of hues to choose from.

Because color is a deeply personal choice, we hope you find value in reading all about the psychology and meanings of all your favorite colors!

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