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Black Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Black

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Oh, the color Black. It’s symbolism and meanings are often misunderstood and, sometimes, feared.

But all the other delicious colors that we love so much would not exist if it were not for the color Black as it must be added if a color is to have any kind of depth or variation of hue.

Though the color Black is associated with mystery, authority, death, power, grief, and, sometimes, evil, it is a color that has many positive meanings as well.

  • Black was the first color with which mankind scribed its personal stories and community history on stone walls and tablets.
  • The richest soil in the world is Black.
  • Black is the color of night, the time when we dream and our mind, body, and spirit rests and rejuvenates.

Black is, also, a color which teaches balance.


Well, the “color” Black is actually not a “color” at all. It is merely the absence of light.

When juxtaposed against “light”, or the color White, Black symbolizes one half of a “world” or “self” that is in perfect harmonic balance. This is exemplified in the classic Yin Yang symbol.

In color psychology, Black is known to give the impression or “feeling” of being “all consuming”. This is based on the fact that Black is (in essence) the absorption of all colors (hence, lack of light).

Because the color Black is associated with “that which cannot be seen” (the ocean depths, black holes in space, the after-world, etc.), those whose favorite color is Black often times have a “serious” or “mysterious” personality.

People who love the color Black also tend to be more strong willed and lean toward being more comfortable in careers/relationships that are more formal and structured.

At The Simple Stencil, your vinyl wall lettering and wall quotes can be ordered in many different colors! We have a wide variety of hues to choose from and, while the color Black is always a classic, our customers love all colors of the rainbow!

Because color is a deeply personal choice, we hope you find value in reading all about the psychology and meanings of all your favorite colors!

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