Christian Bible Verses and Scripture Wall Stickers & Spiritual Quotes for Walls at Home, Office or Church

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Beautiful designs ready to order in your color choice or design your own in our design center.

Beautiful designs ready to order in your color choice or design your own in our design center.

The Simple Stencil allows you to add your favorite bible scripture or spiritual quote to your walls with our custom design center. Our easy to use design center lets you easily type in your bible verse and preview it in all the different colors, styles and sizes we offer.  The designer will even give you an overall length of your quote based on your preferences and it will allow you to preview your color selection on the wall color of your choice so that you can make the best choice to make your home decor.

We are amazed at the variety of bible verses that inspire people all over the world. Our custom wall lettering decals let you add your favorite verses to your home, office or church walls to inspire you and your family and friends everyday. Create your own custom design or choose from a large variety of pre-made designs or popular bible scripture verses in our catalog of options.

The best part is, every order will arrive with a free practice word of your choice (up to 12 letters) that you will select at check out. This will allow our customers to practice installation and become familiar with the product before installing their order and lets you see how easy it is to do. Our customers who choose bible verses have selected great free practice words and have used them elsewhere in their home, office or church. Remember you can choose any word you want but some popular ones have been:

  • Trust Faith
  • Blessings
  • Jesus
  • Lord God
  • Family
  • Love & Peace
  • Know God
  • I am saved
  • Our Saviour
  • Child of God

So many options exist with our easy to install wall decals that apply easily to walls, windows, doors, or any smooth surface indoors or out. They will stay put until you are ready to remove them and will not damage surfaces so there is no need to repaint. They are individually cut out so that they appear hand-painted without all the work, skill, time and mess that hand painting requires. Click here to see a preview of our installation process or to order a free sample.

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