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Since 2004, The Simple Stencil™ has been creating top quality, custom removable vinyl wall and window decals, stencils, graphics and stickers.

Our designer vinyl wall transfers, lettering, quotes, embellishments and monograms help you create the perfect look and feel in all your personal living, learning, work and worship spaces.

From tons of design and craft ideas to installation tutorials, if you’re looking for the ultimate vinyl resource The Simple Stencil’s got you covered!

Featured Designs of the Week…

Love is in the air…. and on the walls!

Valentine's day is the day we express our love in [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions Wall Quotes!

It'ѕ that time оf year аgаin when your thoughts turn [...]

Personalized Wall Art Christmas Gifts

Lооking for Christmas Gift idеаѕ for your loved оnеѕ? Simple [...]

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Peel & Stick Polka Dots | Confetti Wall Decals

Polka dots wall decals by The Simple Stencil help you [...]

  • Sugar-Skull-Vinyl-Wall-Decal-For-Day-of-the-Dead-and-Halloween-Decorating-300x300

Spooky Halloween Wall Art

Simple Stencils Vinyl Wall Art - So easy it's Scary! [...]

  • Indian Sanskrit Inspired Mandala Wall Decals
  • Bless My Gypsy Soul - Vinyl Wall Decals with a Bohemian Twist

Bohemian Gypsy and Indian Mandala Wall Decals

Bohemian Style Gypsy Wall Decals Due to popular demand, we [...]

Do It Yourself Custom Vinyl Window Decals

Simple Stencil Wall Art is not just for walls! Use [...]

The Power of Mission Statement Walls

Have you thought about creating and/or displaying a mission statement for [...]

  • Flock of flamingos wall and window decals from The Simple Stencil

Flamingo Wall Art – Tropical Paradise Pop Art

A set of flamingos wall art [...]

Featured Decorating Tips…

  • Free-Vinyl-Color-Samples-For-Your-Removable-Vinyl-Wall-Decal-From-The-Simple-Stencil

New Vinyl Colors Available!

20 New Matte Finish Vinyl Colors! We are excited to [...]

  • Color Meanings & Symbolism Color Wheel 700x500

Color Meaning & Symbolism

When you've been helping people decorate their home, work, [...]

  • Blue Color Meaning & Blue Symbolism 700x400

Blue Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Blue

And the winner is...BLUE! Studies on various colors indicate that [...]

  • Yellow Color Meaning & Yellow Symbolism 700x400

Yellow Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Yellow

There is really nothing mellow about the color Yellow! Yellow [...]

  • Purple Color Meaning & Purple Symbolism 700x400

Purple Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Purple

All bow to the rich and royal color Purple! Purple [...]

  • Orange Color Meaning & Orange Symbolism 700x400

Orange Color Meaning & Symbolism | The Color Orange

The delicious color Orange! With its color meaning and symbolism [...]

Most Recent Wall of Fame Winner!

Congratulations to Mara of Little Rock, Arkansas!

Mara’s entry based on a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King really moved us. Not only is this a beautiful saying but the font and color she chose for the transfer is simple, elegant. A timeless design for a timeless quote!

Make sure and enter our Wall of Fame contest and you could win a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE to The Simple Stencil!